Expert Advice on Hiring a Caterer

When it comes to selecting a catering company, there are certain basics that must be taken into consideration. The quality, appearance, and the flavour of food or beverages served could make or break any event.
If you think that hiring the right caterer is not that important, look at it this way – Professionally prepared food and beverages could rescue an event on the rocks, while a poor combination could send your guests to a restaurant. Keep it in mind that the caterer you choose is a major budgetary decision and will influence the amount of money spent on the quantity of food supplies. Here is how you should hire the right caterer.

The Taste Test
You cannot know the depths of food preparation until you sample the food. Unless you try the menu items you plan on having in your event, it is not possible to know how they will taste like. Find out if the catering Hamilton company offers tasting sessions. This is how you know if the presentation, style, and quality are up to the mark. Is the dish colourful and imaginative? Remember, there are caterers who specialise in large events while others specialise in small intimate events. Be careful with a caterer who claims to do it all.

A lot of caterers will present themselves as the best when it comes to food tasting claiming to have the freshest ingredients not to mention competitive prices. However, most of them will hardly return calls and emails. While you may view these as insignificant details, they could mean that the caterer is less concerned about the needs of customers. You need to be fully satisfied with not just the products, but the services too. In the first meeting with your caterer, you should expect questions from them. This is how you know that the caterer is interested in your event. They should ask questions about your budget, goals, theme, purpose, and etcetera.

Read the Fine Print
Before signing off your catering proposal, be sure to critically review every detail and understand every word in it. Find out if the proposal is inclusive of every basic you need. Has the service provider included tax in it? If your guest count changes by increasing or decreasing will the price vary per head? How will labour be charged? Will the staff be tipped after the event and will the responsibility be on you? Be sure that every cost of the event is included in the proposal as a complete quotation and no extra charges will be incurred. Check the inclusions and the exclusions. You need to be sure that the quote is inclusive of tableware, VAT, and linen hire. That will give you an idea of whether certain items need a separate budget.

The caterer you choose has a huge role to play in your success. Keeping the aforementioned basics in mind will mean having the right catering company at your event.

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