How To Prevent Sewer Backups


If you’re experiencing sewer backups, there are some things you should check before calling the plumber. A minor clog could be an easy fix if there is a drainage problem in one toilet or sink. When there are slow drains in every sink and toilet, it could be backing up from trouble in the main sewer line. Here are some tips on what could be causing trouble:

Flushing Inappropriate Items Down the Toilet
Just because the marketing industry suggests softer and thicker toilet paper for the consumer, it doesn’t mean it will work in your bathroom. Diapers, napkins, personal hygiene supplies and facial tissues are intended for the trash can and not the toilet. Flushable baby wipes and quilted three-ply tissue do not always dissolve properly; moreover, they can retain their shape after minutes in the water. If your toilet is making gurgling noises or is not flushing properly, it is important to call a plumber like plumber Toronto to determine the cause and apply a permanent fix.

Do a test. Try disturbing a waterlogged tissue square after a few minutes and examine it to determine if it breaks up into shreds. If not, it may be too thick for your toilet, especially if you have finicky pipes. The newer and more compressed toilet tissue can collect and create clogs. This is one time the cheaper one-ply toilet paper is more beneficial to plumbing lines.

Dumping Grease In the Trash
Warm grease becomes a hard and solid mass when it cools. Add some food particles to the accumulation, and it promptly grows into a drain clog. Dispose of the oily kitchen waste in the trash can, and you can avoid making an emergency plumbing call.

Invading Tree Roots in the Sewer Lines
Pipe joints can become loosened by settling earth, freezing and thawing and earth tremors. Tree roots are attracted to underground drain lines by the moisture that may seep from loose joints and cracks. Once the tiny roots gain an entry into the pipe they begin to grow and fill the space. Additionally, toilet waste can become trapped in the roots and cause a major clog.

If you suspect a root problem, it’s always best to call in a professional plumber service for inspection and removal. Neglecting the problem can invite a more costly rupture of drain lines.

Aging and Deteriorating Cast Iron Water Pipes
Older homes may have cast iron pipes that have rough interiors. Over time the lining develops spurs that catch and hold tissues. A clog and backed up sewer in your bathtub is the result. It may be time for a qualified plumber service to perform some home improvement tasks and change to PVC plumbing.

Now that you know more about general sewer line construction and maintenance, you can tackle troubles before they grow and become costly. Early intervention assures your family of clean drains and plumbing that is in top maintenance. You deserve a happy home.

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