6 Unforgettable Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Using Wooden Wine Boxes

Spending time to plan and put special thought into a great gift for mom on her special day is what can make it an unforgettable treat. Making use of stylish wooden wine boxes to house your gifts is half of the appeal for the following ideas.

1- Scented Candle Collection

A medium size wine box is all the space you need to create a special gift for mom she’ll enjoy for years. Add separators that fit a nice collection of scented candles. Get a range of scents you know she’ll love. Your mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness every time she pulls a new one out and lights the wick. It’s a gift that will last a long time.

2- Nail Polish Extravaganza

The choices in nail polishes on the market are incredible. The colors and added sparkles make it hard to choose when shopping. Bring a huge variety to your mom by placing a myriad of colors in a small to medium size wine box. It’s a colorful gift she’ll love all year long.

3- Perfume Sampler

Add wooden separators to the inside of a medium size wine box. Place a sample bottle of a variety of perfumes that you feel your mom will enjoy. She’ll love the choices in scents and can use a different one every day. It’s an affordable way to give your mom a classic gift.

4- Exotic Spice Collection

Does your mom love to cook? Offer her a fine selection of exotic spices to use anytime she feels like experimenting in the kitchen. All you need is a small wine box that will fit 10 to 12 different spices. She’ll love being able to create new dishes at home.

5- Skin Care and Spa Collection

Pamper your mom on her special day by using a wine box to present a cool collection of health and beauty items she’ll love. You can add cold cream, hand and body lotions, bath salts, scented soaps, and a whole host of products for skin and hair care. The Ekan Concepts website has more useful information that could help you get a better understanding.

6- Book Bonanza

Medium size to large wine boxes is the perfect choice to make your mom a gift she’ll proudly display anywhere in her home. Gather a few of her favorite titles and create a small, two-stack bookshelf to place them on out of the boxes. You can stain it to a nice color to enhance the wood grain. You can also opt to paint it her favorite color.

Using your imagination and creativity will make gifts presented in wooden wine boxes a special treat you’re mom will always remember.

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